Pioneer Blu-ray player UDP-LX500


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UDP-LX500 pdf. spec sheet
Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500 4K UHD/HDR Universal Blu-ray Player

Direct Mode for superior analog playback
This mode disables the digital audio and video circuits allowing audio sources (especially high-resolution stereo) to reproduced high quality audio.

“Zero Signal” reference terminal for ultimate video / audio signal transmission

The reference level (Ground) of the player and AVR video and audio signals are aligned greatly helping eliminate ground- related noise. As a result the signal transmission becomes more accurate improving the quality of both video and audio.

High performance Rigid & Quiet BD Drive

The BD drive is housed in a shield case and fixed to the steel plate drive base for reduced vibration. The drive base and the chassis are fixed via the damper, so vibration from the drive will not be transferred to the chassis. The tray shafts on both sides provide a steady loading of the tray.

Heavy weight double-layer chassis

A heavy gauge steel plate (1.6 mm) is combined with an even thicker layered iron composite plate to form the UDP-LX500’s chassis. Extremely high rigidity and combined with a low center of gravity delivers the highest quality of playback.

Acoustic damper tray mechanism

The mechanism tray is isolated from the unit by springs so any vibrations that are generated inside the drive are eliminated. By elimination these vibrations any errors and noise are greatly reduced and outstanding fidelity is realized.

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› Double-Layer Chassis for Low Center of Gravity and Overall Rigidity
› Dimensions: 17.1″ wide x 4.65″ high x 13.27″ deep
› Highly Rigid Bonnet Structure for Reducing Unwanted Vibration
› Acoustic Quality Capacitors and Other High-Grade Parts
› Gold-Plated Terminals

Video Features:
› UHD/HDR Bluray Playback
› Ultra HD Upscaling (4K/60p/4:4:4/24-bit)
› 36-bit Deep Color

Audio Features:
› Highly Precise D/A Conversion
› SACD & Hi Res audio ready
› PQLS Bit-stream/Multi-Surround/2ch
› Direct mode for Pure Analog Audio Output

› HDMI two 2.0 Outputs
› Digital Audio Out (1 Coaxial, 1Optical) › USB 2 In (1 Front, 1 Rear)
› Ethernet
› RS-232C
› 2 channel Analog Audio Out
› Zero Signal Terminal