Sony 85X95J Series 4K HDR TV


Sony XR-85X95J_.pdf_Cut  Sheet

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Here’ a brilliant Dolby Atmos audio system upgrade exclusively designed and ready for the A80J, A90J, Z9J and X95J TVs.  Add Sony’s new HT-A9 12 channel or the HT-A7000 7 channel Dolby Atmos Audio system and use the A80J built-in speakers for the central channel.

Bonus bundle sale offer for adding the HT-A7000 or HT-A5000 with any X95J and get an additional $200 discount on the bundle!


65″ X95J, 75″ X95J, &  85″ X95J

Optionally we offer a VIP calibration service that includes a full Q/C for dead or stuck pixels, abnormal banding, tinting, screen uniformity and any defect in the TV.  Then we do a proper break-in that takes 10 days, and then  our calibrator, DeWayne takes care of the top professional calibration.   This full service package costs $650.