Sharp 2023 AQUOS QD MiniLED XLED Series 4K HDR TV with over 2,000 dimming zones & deep blacks & high peak luminance

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75″ & 65″ AQUOS QD MiniLED XLED 4K HDR TV w/over 2,000 dimming zones, deep blacks & high peak luminance!

Photos by Robert Zohn of Value Electronics at Sharp’s off site private suite at CES 2023.

More features:

・”4K super-resolution up-conversion” for high-definition high-definition video:

It restores the detail, reality, and brilliance of various images such as terrestrial digital broadcasts, Blu-ray discs, and Internet videos, and up-converts them to 4K resolution images of approximately 8.3 million pixels.

・”N-Black panel” that expresses glossy black while suppressing reflections such as lighting:

The low-reflection coating on the panel surface uses a nanocapsule-containing material that encloses air. By minimizing the difference in the refractive index between the panel surface and the air, which causes reflections, it suppresses reflections of external light and reflections of lighting, which tend to be a concern on large screens.

・”Object profiling” to restore the original beauty of the image:

It analyzes the movement, outline, and texture of the subject contained in the video signal in real time, and restores information such as the original sense of detail, contrast, and color.

Equipped with an “Internet video clear correction” function that reproduces Internet video, whose resolution changes depending on the line status, with clear images.

・Compatible with 3 HDR standards “HDR10”, “HLG *5 “, “Dolby Vision HDR.

*5 Abbreviation for Hybrid Log-Gamma HDR typically used for OTA and OTT Broadcasts.

・Google TV TM helps you watch entertainment works

You can easily find the content you want to see from among various apps and services. It also organizes and displays recommended movies and shows according to your interests, so you can search for your favorites that you haven’t seen yet.

・Use your voice to operate your TV more conveniently. Google Assistant compatible

With a hands-free microphone built into the main unit, you can search for movies, play music, and operate the TV by speaking after saying “OK Google”. You can also turn on the power with your voice without touching the remote control.

Equipped with direct buttons for 8 video services on the backlit Illuminated remote control (Netflix / Prime Video / U-NEXT / Hulu / YouTube /Disney+)

Even when the TV is turned off, you can immediately launch popular video services simply by pressing the direct button. In addition, since the remote control is equipped with a microphone, you can search for the program you want to watch by voice. With a slim and lightweight design, we were particular about ease of holding.

*6 Requires connection of an external USB camera (sold separately)

・Mirror/camera app “Living Camera”

Equipped with a camera app “Living Camera” that allows you to check your appearance while watching the weather forecast and take family photos in the living room. How to enjoy TV in the living room spreads.

・Equipped with “Relax View” to reduce eye strain:

Equipped with “Relax View” that automatically switches to images that reduce eye strain during a specified time period.

・Equipped with rotating stand:

Equipped with a newly designed stand. A new rotation lock mechanism is used to prevent unintended rotation of the display. It also has a cable management mechanism that allows you to easily organize cables. It can be installed so that the cable cannot be seen from the front.

Easy-to-read 4K high-definition display and a program guide that displays information on programs and performers with images in an easy-to-understand manner:

● To use Google TV, you may be required to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy of Google LLC.

● Google TV is the name of the software experience on this unit and a trademark of Google LLC. Google, YouTube and Google Duo are trademarks of Google LLC.

● The electronic program guide uses the G-Guide developed by TiVo Corporation of the United States.

● HDMI, High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Compatible with HDMI 2.1 standard VRR, ALLM, and eARC.

● Wi-Fi CERTIFIED6 TM and the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED6 TM logo are trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Compatible with the wireless LAN standard “Wi-Fi 6” that improves communication speed and connection stability.

Illustration to show some of the benefits that over 2k dimming zones on this new ultra high contrast QD MiniLED can provide

Here’s Some More Detailed Specifications

Sharp 75″ AQUOS XLED 4T-C75EP1:

– Screen size (horizontal x vertical/diagonal, 165.0 x 92.8cm/189.3cm

Sharp 65″ AQUOS XLED 4T-C65EP1:

– Screen size (horizontal x vertical/diagonal, 142.8 x 80.4cm/163.9cm

Number of pixels: 3,840 horizontal × 2,160 vertical pixels

Light source employed: mini LED (direct type)

Speakers: 11 total, 2 tweeters, 4 midrange, 1 subwoofer, 2 height tweeters, 2 height midranges

Typical maximum audio output: 85W (10W+10W+15W+15W+15W+10W+10W)

HDR compatible: (HDR10 / HLG / Dolby Vision)

Connecting Terminals:

– 4 HDMI inputs. Input 3: eARC/ARC compatible. Input 3/4: 4K120Hz input compatible, VRR/ALLM compatible
– AV input/input 2 audio input terminal (3.5mm minijack)
– Digital audio output (optical) 1 system 1 terminal.
– Headphone output/analog audio output terminal 1 system 1 terminal.
– Terrestrial digital antenna input terminal.
– USB3 System 3 terminals (for recording: 1 terminal / for memory: 2 terminals),
– LAN 1 system 1 terminal (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX)

Standby power consumption (entire TV & audio): 0.5W

Accessories included: Table stand, remote control, batteries, user manual, and warranty card.

*7 Annual power consumption is the amount of power used in a year calculated based on the average viewing time (5.1 hours) in a general household based on the Energy Conservation Law.

*8 When the screen angle (left and right) is adjusted to the maximum, it may be about ¹³/₆₄” higher.

Sharp also showed their new 120″ Native 8K Monitor in Sharp’s off site suite at CES

We gift our clients w/5% store credit to go towards any equipment or accessory or the 3 yr extended warranty.  Just select the A/V equipment and/or accessories you want us to include w/your Sharp AQUOS XLED TV.

65″ & 75″ Scheduled for Launch in the US June, 2023. We Deliver Nationwide Free

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