Technics SC-C70MK2 “All in One” Music Lover Premium System




Technics, the audio enthusiasts brand of yesterday modernized for the relaunch of their world class audiophile products
JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization)

Just like the R1, and SU-C700 the SC-C70 is a fully-digital amplifier and delivers high-resolution digital signals without any distortion being introduced between the input stage and output to the speakers. Technics has developed an original jitter-reduction circuit, avoiding the sound quality degradation due to jitter common to conventional digital amps. It uses a clock generator for the noise-shaping system to reduce jitter in the low-frequency range and a high-precision sample rate converter to suppress jitter in the high-frequency range.

LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)

Technics has developed a speaker impedance optimization algorithm, using digital signal processing to flatten both the amplitude and phase-frequency response to make the most of your speakers. The result is a sound with better focus, spaciousness and definition.

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Technics Premium
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SC-C70MK2 All in one
– Built-in CD Player
– AM/FM Radio
– USB Port
– Optical Digital input
– Internet Radio
– Spotify
– Hi Res Audio
Wi Fi, BlueTooth, Hard wire

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