Sanus VSTV1 and VSTV2 TV Table Top Pedestal Stands


Sanus’ VSTV 1 And VSTV 2 Are Our Recommended TV Table Top Pedestal Stands For LG’s G4 & G3. VSTV2 Is In Stock With Free Nationwide Shipping.

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Sanus VSTV 1 Swivel TV Stand For TVs up to 60 lbs. $139.

The SANUS Swivel TV Base is a table-top TV base that works on all surfaces, and is a improvement over the stands that are traditionally included with TVs. By providing 74 degrees of swivel left to right, the Swivel TV Base dramatically improves viewing range by allowing you to point the TV to where you are seated. The stable footprint is optimal for TV stability for furniture with shallow depth, and the adjustable height provides a sleek look for the perfect set up.

  1. Easily adjust the height of your TV

  2. Easily adjust your TV without tools

  3. Easy to install

  4. Enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch

  5. Swivel your TV left and right for the perfect view


    Sanus VSTV 2 Swivel TV Stand For TVs up to 86″ $189.

    The VSTV 2 can easily move the TV left to right up to 70 degrees, the Swivel TV Stand dramatically improves viewing range by allowing you to point the TV to where you are seated. Includes a solid metal base for greater stability as well as integrated cable management to conceal and route cables. Featuring 8″ of height adjust, making it great for soundbars and other devices beneath your TV.

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