Spears & Munsil 2023 (Three-Disc Set) 4K Ultra HD Benchmark


For home cinema enthusiast and professional calibrators Spears & Munsil’s new 2023 Ultra HD Benchmark 3 disc set are now available. All the test patterns & reference content you need to set up, evaluate and adjust your 4K Ultra HD TV or projector.


This new Ultra HD edition w/new patterns is optimized for SDR, HDR, wide color gamut.

Key features include:

  • Calibration patterns to help set up displays for optimal clarity 

  • Evaluation patterns for motion, sharpness, color alignment & more

  • Original demonstration clips shot and mastered in 8K HDR

  • Demo material encoded in all supported HDR formats

  • Audio tests available in Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

  • Extensive selection of patterns for the professional calibrator

Spears & Munsil Ultra HD Benchmark is the most accurate & comprehensive UHD test disc available. Every pattern was created using exclusive ultra-high-precision software tools & represents the state of the art in video reproduction.


Spears & Munsil Hand forged UHD/HDR Blu-ray disc.