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Our 2024 TV Shootout® Evaluation event will be August 3-4. This is our 21st annual TV Shootout!

This year we'll have 2 4K TV Shootouts. One for OLED & one for MiniLED TVs. When both events are completed we'll put the winner of the OLED and the winner of the MiniLED butt next to each other for the judges, all attendees & YouTubers to see.


TV Shootout Press Release for our Oct 1 2023 TV Shootout®

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Here are the 4K TVs competing in the 2023 4K TV Shootout Evaluation Event:

  • Hisense 65U8K MiniLED TV
  • Samsung QN65QN95C MiniLED TV
  • Samsung QN65S95C OLED TV
  • Sharp 4TC65FV1U MiniLED TV
  • Sony XR65A95L OLED TV

Here are the 8K TVs competing in the 2023 8K TV Shootout Evaluation Event:

  • Samsung QN75QN900C MiniLED TV
  • Sony XR75Z9K MiniLED TV

*We also have Hisense's 85UX TV & Sony's 85X95L on display next to each-other.

The results are in and Sony's A95L is now crowned "The King of 4K TV for the 2023 Model Year"!  Tied for 2nd place is LG's G3 and Samsung's S95C.  The best LCD TV is Samsung's QN95C, but all of the TVs came in very close to each other so they are all true winners for their exceptional picture quality and very nice enhancements for this new model year!  For our 8K TV Shootout, LG's Z2 8K OLED TV is the King of 8K TV

Here are the detailed results of the judges voting, so everyone can use the results in every picture performance category to select the best TV for each person's use-case.

The 4K ballot lists the top two categories are both after our top professional calibration and the bottom two listed are how the TVs compete in each picture quality category in their best out of the box picture mode, so not calibrated, just bring the TV home and select the recommended picture mode in the user menu. Here you go for the detailed evaluation ratings of the premium cutting edge flagship TVs from the leading brands:


The TVs are randomly selected from our inventory.  We do a proper break-in to stabilize the TVs before calibration & the latest firmware is installed if needed, but only publicly available updates are accepted.

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A group of people gathered to judge the Samsung TV Performance

2022 TV Shootout Results

Press release for our 2/27/23 Headphone Shootout Evaluation event. - 2023 Headphone Shootout Results Press Release

Technics' just released SL-G700M2 was selected as our SACD/CD/Streaming Device. Technics now leads the advancements of the analog & digital circuits & processing technologies with this breakthrough device

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On Monday, Feb. 27, Value Electronics hosted the 2023 Headphone Shootout in which an expert panel evaluated a range of new headphones.


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Below are a few pictures by Mark Jessamy Photography at our 2022 TV Shootout

Accepting the King of 4K TV award for Sony is Rob Brennan and Pablo Espinosa

Accepting their King of 8K TV award for LG is Sam Ahn and David Park

AVS Forum Tech Talk, Scott Wilkinson Volume 8: Value Electronics 2022 4K/8K TV Shootout

Scott Wilkinson moderates the discussion with me, Jason Dustal of Murideo, & David Mackenzie of Fidelity in motion

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We had a blast at our world premiere JVC NX9 projector paired with Panasonic's UB9000 HDR Cinema Demo.

Photos from our 2018 TV Shootout®. Check out our Facebook page for more photos/videos.

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Value Electronics Headphone Shootout Evaluation event scheduled for Feb. 27, 2023

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