Samsung 77″ 65″ 55″ S95C 4K QD OLED


Samsung S95C QD OLED TV .pdf Spec Sheet

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Samsung S95C’s new chassis construction with ultra premium fit & finish

Available 77″/65″/55″ Screen Sizes & All In Stock For Immediate Delivery

*Photo and video courtesy Robert Zohn, taken at CES.

The above image links to my video from: Samsung Display’s CES invite only presentations

Experience Samsung’s QD OLED Native 4K stunning picture. 120Hz QD OLED RGB pixels rendering studio reference quality images w/8.3 million self emissive QD OLED Pixels.

Samsung Display Wins SID’s 2023 Display of the Year Award

Thanks to the new QD module with its greatly increased peak luminance capability and perfect blacks. You will enjoy the real picture in your home.

*Photo courtesy Robert Zohn, taken at CES 2023.

The S95C’s 144Hz refresh rate w/0.1ms response time & Samsung Gaming Hub & AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro for the ultimate gaming experiences.

Explore a New World of Gaming With Samsung Gaming Hub:

The Samsung Gaming Hub, the new home for gaming on Samsung Smart TVs, offers users unlimited access to thousands of their favorite games from partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna and Utomik with no downloads, storage limits or consoles required. Moreover, it is the most intuitive gaming experience where players can simply switch on their TVs and play.

Samsung Gaming Hub, which was launched last year, delivers incredible picture quality and an entirely new way to approach gaming; with multitasking, expanded partnerships, and 4K streaming. Players can even watch multiple types of content at the same time.

In 2023, upgrades for GameBar 3.0 with MiniMap Sharing and Virtual Aim Point elevate the experience for every type of gamer. MiniMap Sharing enables players to see the minimap of their game at-a-glance on any display, while Virtual Aim Point, designed for first-person shooters (FPS), allows players to view more noticeable crosshairs in any game so players can make the perfect shot.

The S95C comes with Samsung’s One Connect Box:

By removing the power supply & all of the inputs/outputs from the backside of the TV to the “One Connect” box so the S95C could be designed with a new high-end chassis with a ultra slim premium form/fit makes the S95C a very modern and minimalist look when wall mounted.

4 HDMI 2.1 inputs & NextGen ATSC 3.0 tuner built-in.

Samsung’s S95C is literally less than 1/2″ thick unified depth across the entire width & height!

Anti Glare screen & wide viewing performance makes every seat the best viewing experience!

Multidimensional Soundscape and Audio Quality With AI:

A premium screen experience would only be complete with ultra-immersive audio. While Samsung’s S95C’s new 4.2.2 70 Watts per channel built-in audio system is a very impressive built-in speaker system.  The S95C also have new advanced audio features and devices to enhance the viewing experience for a truly cinematic presentation.

  • AI Sound Remastering: In 2023, Samsung’s flagship TV and soundbar offer Sound Remastering, which utilizes AI to remaster each sound object to ensure voices are clear, environmental sounds are totally enveloping & each component is just the right volume.

  • New Soundbars: In addition to the flagship soundbar, HW-Q990C, with 11.1.4 channel sound supporting Dolby Atmos, the ultra-slim HW-S800B offers powerful immersive sound in Dolby Atmos from a 3.1.2 channel device that is just 40mm tall and 38mm deep. It is easily placed with any TV and still offers clear sound with punchy bass.

  • Q-Symphony: A new iteration of harmony between the TV and soundbar, 2023 new Q-Symphony will provide vastly evolved sound for which the soundbar taps into the TV’s Neural Processing Unit to analyze audio signals and process each sound for more detail than ever before.

  • Here’s the built-in speaker system that you can throughly enjoy from the TV’s 8 ch speaker system on their own or when integrated with any one of Samsung’s new 2023 Sound Bar Audio Systems. All screen sizes of the S95C have up-firing speakers w/support for 4.2.2 Dolby Atmos. Here’s just one of Samsung’s S95C w/2023 Sound Bar Systems audio advantages of the TV’s audio combined with your choice of the new 2023 audio systems.

In 2023 by pairing Samsung TVs with Samsung Soundbars, these devices will offer the most powerful, customizable & personalized ecosystem available to date. With the 2023 S95C’s image performance enhancements & this year’s upgraded built-in and external audio quality upgrades adds more value to the S95C’s incredible picture quality.

Samsung TV Plus:

Just one of Samsung’s new Tizen OS version 7 is to further expand your viewing options, Samsung’s new TV Plus for the 2023 models is upgraded on all of their Smart TV lineups. The free TV (FAST) & video-on-demand service deliver over 1,800 channels globally, including over 50 of the Network’s owned & operated channels.

Samsung’s TV Plus is 100% free and doesn’t require any downloads, subscriptions or additional devices, choose from 200+ live TV channels & 1000s of movies & shows on demand

77″ S95C Dimensions (Width x Height X Depth) QN77S95CAFXZA

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Add our VIP “Q/C & top Pro Calibration” for The Ultimate Video Experience!

Our calibration service includes a full q/c for stuck pixels, abnormal banding, tinting, screen uniformity and any defect in the TV.

Then we do a proper break-in, and then D-Nice takes care of the top professional calibration. We calibrate all 4 HDMI inputs for Day and Night picture modes FHD/SDR and 4K HDR. This full service package costs $650. Option to add the Game Model Full Calibration $50.

Samsung Display’s QD-OLED Exhibit at SID Display Week May, 2023

Exceptional Deep Blacks Down To Pure Black With Every Detail All The Way Up To The Highest Peak Luminance With Full Color Saturation! So You See All 1096 Steps Of Luminance With Detail At All Color Transition Levels!

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55" S95C, 65" S95C, 77" S95C