Technics SU-GX70 Integrated 2 Ch Amp


Technics GX70 is a heavily featured streaming amplifier that combines the sonic genes of Technics Grand Class components with a wealth of source functions, including video connectivity, the SU-GX70 Network Audio Amplifier easily integrates into the home hi-fi system with the inclusion of an HDMI ARC port. 

  • Full Digital Amp, JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise-shaping Optimization)
  • Twin Power Supply Circuit System
  • Ideal Impulse Response through LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)
  • Pure Amplification Mode
  • High-quality Audio through Low-impact HDMI Video Output
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SU-GX70 Stereo Integrated Amplifier available in Black or Silver

Twin Power Supply Circuit System

The design of the power supply is critical in audio amplifiers, digital circuits & other components. To eliminate adverse effects on the amplifier the SU-GX70 is equipped with a dedicated power supply for the power amplifier circuits that is independent from all other circuits. So the same electrolytic capacitors installed in high-end models have been used in the dedicated amplifier power supply & the power amplifier components.

By using the shortest possible connection between the power supply & amplifier the GX70 ensures low noise & low impedance. The connections between the speakers & power amplifier use non-magnetic brass screws.

The SU-GX70 uses a high-speed switching power supply of approximately 130 kHz. By increasing the switching frequency noise interference on the music playback bandwidth is reduced. This enables highly responsive power supply for music signals & powerful speaker drive capability.


High-Quality Audio through Low-impact HDMI Video Output

The SU-GX70 can also receive audio signals through the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel), due to the specifications, video signals must first be output from the SU-GX70. However, the output of these signals can cause unwanted noise. As such, the video signals are output from the SU-GX70 at a lower rate, and the digital value of the color of each pixel is set to zero. This ensures low-load operation between the HDMI transmitting/receiving devices, preventing any unwanted noise generation from the video signals. This also reduces any impact on sound quality. Further, transmitting the signals from the TV to the JENO Engine via the shortest possible route minimizes any further impact from jitter. This is a mechanism unique to Panasonic/Technics as HDMI licensors.

High-quality music and audio from video source Newly equipped with an HDMI ARC, low-impact HDMI video output ensures users can enjoy high-quality music and audio from the video source.

High-Quality Pure Amplification Mode In Pure Amplification Mode, shutting off the power supply to the network and HDMI circuits removes any noise from the device or antenna. This ensures music playback w/better clarity.

The SU-GX70 supports a variety of music sources e.g. radio, analog input
(PHONO(MM)/LINE), optical digital input, coaxial digital input & USB input



Enjoyment Of High-Quality Sound Wirelessly:

The SU-GX70 can play back high-resolution music wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet or PC. It supports Bluetooth and AirPlay2, Spotify Connect®, Amazon Music and Amazon “ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION”, Better than CD quality audio up to 24 bit, Internet Radio & Chromecast built-in so a wide range of music streaming services can be enjoyed with the SU-GX70

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SU-G700 Black, SU-G700 Silver