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S95D OLED takes picture & sound quality to a new level with new AI Gen3 Processor designed & supplied by Samsung Electronics

Samsung’s New Anti-Glare Filter Makes Watching TV More Enjoyable.

This introduction of a next-generation AI processor greatly enhanced the smart display capabilities. In addition to bringing improved picture and sound quality, the new lineups provide consumers with AI-powered features secured by Samsung Knox, focusing on inspiring and empowering individual lifestyles.

Upgrade your S95D w/Samsung’s specially designed SoundBar Audio System HW-Q990D 11.1.4 Soundbar, HW-910D 9.1.2 Soundbar, HW-Q800D 5.1.2 Soundbar

The QD OLED lineup brings a suite of picture quality & design enhancing features, including:

  • 4K AI Upscaling Pro Leverages AI Gen3 for enhanced 4K upscaling, sharpening low resolution content so that it is displayed in ultra-high resolution.

  • AI Motion Enhancer Pro: Solves common issues in sporting contents — such as ball distortion — by streaming high-resolution sports matches through this feature powered by AI Gen3. The feature automatically detects the sport type and uses deep learning to apply the proper ball detection model.

  • Real Depth Enhancer Pro: Adds details to fast-moving scenes using AI to precisely control mini LEDs. By detecting the part of a scene that the human eye would naturally focus on and bringing it to the foreground, images appear more lifelike and three dimensional.

The performance of the new 4K QD OLED is rounded out by immaculate audio quality, on par with the stunning picture quality on screen.

  • 2024 Q-Symphony: Allows users to connect multiple wireless speakers and a soundbar to a TV or projector for perfect audio synchronization across shows, movies, and playlists. It’s a technology that perfectly synchronizes TV with wireless speakers and a soundbar.

  • Active Voice Amplifier Pro: A proprietary AI dialogue booster that utilizes exclusive deep-learning technology to significantly enhance dialogue and voices on screen. It separates voices from mixed audio, enhancing voice input so users can easily follow the conversation on screen at any volume.

2024 Tizen OS Streamlines the Home TV Experience

The 2024 Tizen OS brings content front and center on the QD OLED 4K lineup. It offers a personalized content and service experience based on different accounts set up on smart TVs. Now, different members of each household with a Samsung Smart TV can set up a profile for personalized recommendations and a more customized overall experience.

  • Samsung TV Plus: The updated user interface (UI) includes a new home screen with an overview of available content, with added categories for faster content discovery. The service will also connect with Samsung accounts to easily access users’ favorite channels and content while offering tailored content suggestions based on viewing history.

  • ‘Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub’ Controller: Samsung has partnered with gaming accessory provider Performance Designed Products (PDP) to develop the first “Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub” controller, set to be launched at CES 2024. PDP’s new wireless controller includes a built-in, rechargeable battery that provides up to 40 hours of playtime per charge, a 30-foot low-latency Bluetooth wireless connection, a Samsung Gaming Hub home button capable of launching Gaming Hub, an easy-to-use TV volume control button and more.

Samsung 2024 TVs and screens also come with greater compatibility across various devices within the ecosystem, allowing a more integrated connection between TVs and smartphones or wearable devices for a greater level of customization, accessibility and convenience.

  • Mobile Smart Connect: All of the new featured apps and services are easily controlled with the SmartThings Mobile Plugin, which transforms the smartphone into a multi-functional remote that offers users greater control over their screens. With a straightforward pop-up interface and a customizable UI, the app provides convenience and enhanced accessibility.

  • 360 Audio: The audio feature, previously offered on Galaxy devices, has also expanded to Samsung TVs and screens. Now, Samsung Galaxy Buds seamlessly connect to TVs to deliver spatial audio for movies, shows and even gaming titles, so users can be truly immersed in visual content and gameplay.

  • Vibrary: Enjoy your favorite artist’s high-quality images via the big screen of your TV. With Ambient Mode, you can be welcomed every day by your favorite artist. You can also enjoy photos and music from TV and mobile devices through Casting, providing a seamless viewing experience.

The latest TV & screen lineup boasts enhanced accessibility offerings, allowing more consumers to enjoy their favorite content on Samsung QD OLED TV.

  • Audio Subtitle: The world’s first on-device TV feature that uses AI and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to provide a voice guide for embedded subtitles in real-time.

New Soundbars for Immersive Audio Experience

To top off a home entertainment set up, the 2024 soundbar lineup offers newly updated models for even more immersive audio experiences, which are particularly bolstered by advanced AI algorithms.

  • Music Frame: This customizable speaker is compatible with SmartThings and provides surround sound when paired with Samsung TVs and soundbars. Music Frame can either operate as a standalone wireless speaker or pair with a Samsung TV and soundbar via Q-Symphony to augment bass and surround sound. Seamlessly blending into its environment by camouflaging itself inside modern picture frames, Music Frame provides high-quality sound without being an eyesore.

  • HW-Q990D: This soundbar features a 11.1.4-channel configuration, immersive Dolby Atmos sound and supports pass through of content in 4K 120Hz. It analyzes audio and uses AI to optimize sound for the perfect experience across a wide range of content.

  • HW-S800D: This ultra-thin, 1.6-inch-deep soundbar is designed to fit seamlessly into any space and provides rich and immersive sound. At only a third of the depth of conventional soundbars, the S800D has 10 drivers, including dedicated overhead speakers and a center channel for crystal-clear vocals. The combination of a deep bass subwoofer and a passive radiator also enhances the listening experience with deep, distortion-free bass in a compact form factor.

Optionally we offer a VIP calibration service that includes a full Q/C for stuck pixels, abnormal banding, tinting, screen uniformity & any defect in the TV. Then we do a proper break-in & then D-Nice takes care of the top professional calibration. We calibrate all 4 HDMI inputs for Day & Night picture modes FHD/SDR & 4K HDR. This full service package costs $650.

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