Sony SU-WL855 Articulating Wall-Mount


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SU-WL855 Articulating Wall-Mount

SU-WL855 Wall-Mount Bracket

Safely hang your TV close to the wall & swivel the TV for optimum viewing & easy access to connections.

Blends into your room

Make the most of your living space. With this wall-mount your TV blends beautifully into any room, like a work of art.

Better viewing, easier access with swivel function

Swivel your wall-mounted TV up to 21° using the bracket. This allows you to quickly adjust the angle of the TV, for an optimum viewing experience and easy access to connections.1

Fits close to the wall

Despite featuring a swivel function, this bracket is slim enough to allow the TV to be mounted only 0.86 inches (22 mm) from the wall.2, 3

Vertically straight with magnet lock

Fit your TV parallel to the wall. A magnet lock ensures the upper part of the TV does not lean forward when mounted close to the wall, for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Safe and Easy Installation

The Ultra Slim Wall-Mount Bracket is designed for safe and easy installation, while the magnetic lock system and lateral shift bracket provide secure installation.4