AWOL’s New Flagship LTV-3500 Pro 4K 3D Triple Laser UST Projector


Value Electronics AWOL’s Factory Direct Authorized Dealer. Two years warranty all parts & labor.

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Tri-Chroma Laser Delivers Native Red, Green & Blue Lasers.

AWOL 3500 Pro 3500 lumens

 Images Come Alive With 1+ Billion Colors.


       AWOL’s UST 4K Projectors Covers 107% of BT 2020 Color Gamut.

147% of DCI-P3 Color Gamut With Superior Contrast & Color Accuracy.


See every detail even in bright light. If you want to replace your current TV w/a large 80″-150” screen the LTV-3500 Pro paired w/our ALR Daylight screen is the best choice even when watching during the day.

AWOL LTV-3500 Pro 3500 lumins


AWOL Vision 120” Cinematic ALR Screen $2,399 $1,599.

120″ 16×9 Best for Moderate to Low ambient light use.


AWOL Vision 100” Cinematic ALR Screen $2,299 $1,199!

100″ 16×9 Best for Moderate to Low ambient light use.


AWOL Vision 120” Daylight ALR Screen $2,399 $1,499.

120″ 16×9 Best for Moderate to high ambient light use.

awol_1111_00cd17b3-77d7-4b88-a72a-9105aa138ec5_60x (1)     AWOL Vision 100″ Motorized Floor Rising Projector Screen $2,699 $1,699.

awol_1111_00cd17b3-77d7-4b88-a72a-9105aa138ec5_60x (1)     AWOL Vision 120″ Motorized Floor Rising Projector Screen $2,999 $1,999.

Cinematic_3d57dd51-6b65-4856-b939-f705f28991ac_60x    AWOL Vision 150” Wall-Mount Cinematic ALR Screen $4,499, $2,999.


banner0703-glasses_60x3D glasses, 2Pack $79.90 Free. the LTV-3500 Pro brings you into a new world. 3D Blu-ray or stream for immersive 3D films.

Maximum projection size of 150″ & sits just 6″ from the screen for 80″ image, 9.8″ for 100″ screen, 13.6″ for 120″ screen, 20″ for 150″ screen

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K MAX Included.

Adjustable Focus & 8-Point Keystone Correction. AWOL VISION’s LTV-3000 Pro is equipped with electric motor lens and up to 8-Point keystone correction technology which lets you make micro-adjustments to the picture size and image quality.

Switch to the Game Mode and experience all your gaming action is real-time.

HDMI Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

2yrs parts & labor warranty included add 3yrs for a total of 5yrs of warranty coverage $600


Here’s a great new stand for the 100″ & 120″ Floor Rising Screen to pair w/LTV-3500 Pro or LTV-3000 Pro

Two LTV-3500 Pro UST Displaying 21:9 Cinema Scope image