StormAudio ISP Core 16 Ch

16 ch post-processing includes the latest Dirac Live Bass Control module for multiple subwoofers & the state-of-the-art StormAudio Expert Bass Management with its multiple bass zones and selective bass routing. With a design based on the award-winning StormAudio ISP Elite platform, the ISP Core 16 is a sleek & compact premium option that delivers StormAudio’s signature functionality and performance in a 3U chassis. $13,999 all in & delivered Nationwide. email us with questions.

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ISP Core 16 Channel Analog Output (XLR) Processor


Review of StormAudio’s ISP Core 16 AV Processor

The ISP Core 16, designed and manufactured in France, supports up to 16 channels and has the DSP power to decode all the latest immersive formats (Auro-3DDolby AtmosDTS:X ProIMAX Enhanced) and enable post-processing to optimize any speaker to any room straight out of the box. It includes the highest implementation on the market of Dirac Live with Bass Control for easy and accurate room calibration, supports up to 20 PEQs per channel and can drive up to four-way active crossovers and any number of subwoofers.

Featuring a refined minimalist design highlighting a new full-color 5″ display that provides access to a wealth of information, such as real-time multichannel VuMeter or HDMI signal details, for a quick accessible overview of essential data. The ISP Core 16 can be easily controlled by a variety of tools, ranging from the included IR remote control to home automation systems or the Android/iOS app available on smartphones or tablets. Our credo is to engineer high-performing products that are simple to use and easy to set up for the customer; the ISP Core 16 is no exception, it comes with StormAudio’s intuitive user Interface and user-friendly Speaker Configurator.

Based on the design of its big brother the ISP Elite, it delivers the same audio performance with the same DAC portion and proprietary analog/digital hybrid volume adjustment that maximizes the dynamic range for a more accurate, detailed and dynamic reproduction of your movie soundtrack or your music playlists.


• Compact, non-modular design

• Software-based upgradeable platform

• Includes:

– Decoding of up to 16 discrete channels (Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X

Pro, IMAX Enhanced:

– Dirac Live premium license (includes Bass Control add-on and future

– Multizone capability with Dirac Live calibration in each zone

– Optional license bundle available

In the box:

– Feet and rack ears

– IR remote control

– Power cord

Optional license package – Includes:

– StormAudio Expert Bass Routing + StormXT channel expander + HDMI dual zones matrix


  • Dirac Live with Bass Control module


  • Roon Ready



  • IR remote control

  • StormRemote Tablet Application

  • StormRemote Mobile Smartphone Application

  • Web-based configuration

  • Control4, Crestron, RTI, Savant, ELAN drivers