Definitive Technology Descend 8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ Sub Woofers


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Custom Class D Digital Amplification for the DN8 & DN10

The DN8 & DN10 are equipped with 500W peak Class D digital amplifiers, designed to get the most out of 3XR architecture. This custom amplification provides the DN8 & DN10 enough power & efficiency to play loud & low without inefficiencies & distortion.

One, two or 4 subs for smoother bass through the room

1 subwoofer for increased bass performance. 2 subwoofers for improved bass impact

A single subwoofer adds bass & enhanced realism to any system but may not provide consistent frequency response throughout the room. When 2 or more subwoofers are properly employed sound waves disperse more evenly, flattening the frequency response. The result is smoother bass throughout the room, eliminating boomy locations or dead spots.

Custom Class H Digital Amplification for the DN12 & DN15

The DN12 and DN15’s advanced 1500W peak Class H digital amplifier delivers continuous power to cleanly reproduce powerful, sustained bass. With real-time monitoring and adjustments to the sliding rail voltage, the DN12 and DN15 deliver considerably higher power during short, transient peaks such as bass drum kicks and on-screen artillery blasts.

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Descend Sub Woofers

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