Perlisten R7t Towers, R5C Center, R4 Bookshelf & D212s Subwoofer


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Perlisten R7t Towers, R5C Center & a pair of R4 Subwoofers 7.2.4 on display in our showroom

  Perlisten Audio T7t Floor Standing Speaker

–  Enclosure alignment – 4-way bass reflex / acoustic suspension

–  Driver compliment DPC-array: 26mm (3) Silk dome

–  Woofers: 165mm (4) HPF diaphragms

–  Sensitivity 90.0dB / 2.83v / 1.0m

–  Impedance 4 Ω nominal / 3.1 Ω min

–  Response Linearity: 80 – 20kHz +/-1.5dB window

–  Frequency Response: (-10dB)

–  Bass reflex: 27 – 32kHz

–  Acoustic suspension: 38 – 32kHz

–  Typical In Room bass extension Bass reflex: 19Hz

–  Acoustic suspension: 30Hz

–  Dimensions: (HxWxD) 49.9 x 9.0 x 13.7″

–  Weight 105.6 lbs.

–  Recommended Amplifier Power 100 – 400W

–  RMSSPL capability @1m (100-20kHz)

–  116.0dB peak <3% – 2nd, 3rd Harmonics

–  CertificationTHX Dominus, THX Ultra

–  Available finishes Piano black



Perlisten Audio R5C Center Channel Speaker

The center channel is the hardest working and most important speaker in any home theater.  Natural and true vocals are never easy while maintaining super low distortion with the best dynamic tonal range that movies demand is what sets the R-series apart with clarity that make you forget you have speakers in your room at all and just enjoy yourself.

With Perlisten R5C Center Channel you will never again say “What did they say?”

–  Enclosure alignment:

3-way acoustic suspension

–  Driver compliment:

DPC-Array: 26mm (3) Silk dome. Woofers: 165mm (2) HPF diaphragms

–  Sensitivity:

88.6dB / 2.83v / 1.0m

–  Impedance:

4 Ω nominal / 3.4 Ω min

–  Response Linearity:

80 – 20kHz +/-1.5dB window

–  Frequency Response -10dB:

49 – 32kHz

–  Typical in room bass extension:


–  Dimensions (HxWxD):

9.5 x 21.6 x 10.6″

–  Weight: 

33.0 lbs.

–  Recommended Amplifier Power:

100 – 250W RMS

–  SPL capability (100-20kHz):

112.6dB peak <3% – 2nd, 3rd Harmonics

–  Certification:

THX Dominus, THX Ultra

–  Available finishes:

Piano black


Perlisten Audio R4 Bookshelf Speaker

The R-series bookshelf is a culmination of S-series patented technology with materials developed from the ground up in every part of the design just like it’s big brothers.  The R4b can be the heart of any 2.1 system, LCR for a small theater, or Surrounds using a complete no holds barred R-series system.

Designed to be mounted on optional stand, or mounted to a wall with our tilt swivel bracket. Sharing “trickle-down” technology from our flagship S-Series, the DPC-Array here based on three 26mm domes, guarantees excellent directivity control & timbre matched with all R-Series speakers.

Response Linearity 80-20kHz 1.5dB

Sensitivity 84.6dB / 2.83v / 1.0m

Frequency Response -10dB 45-32kHz

Recommended Amp Power 50-200W

Dimensions (HxWxD) 15″ x 9″ x 9.3″

Weight 20.9 lbs



Perlisten Audio R212S Subwoofer

Amplifier: 1.3kW rms short term

Frequency Response: THX EQ 20-256Hz (-6dB) /16-278Hz (-10dB)
Boost, large room EQ16-256Hz -6db/14-278Hz -10dB Cut, small room EQ 25-256Hz -6dB/19-278Hz -10dB

Display Interface: 2.4” LCD color touchscreen.

App: iOS and Android

Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex M4, double precision floating point math

DSP Engine: Ti DSP 48-bit data paths

Driver complement: (2)300mm, Glass fiber diaphragm +/-20mm linear excursion

Inputs: 2 Balanced XLR & 2 RCAOutputs 2 Balanced XLR unbuffered 2 RCA unbuffered Parametric EQ 10-Band PEQ with 3 user presets
Low Pass filter: 
bypass, 30-160Hz, slope 6, 12, 18, 24dB/oct

Phase: Variable 0-270°

Polarity: Normal / inverted

Configurable: Auto turn-on & 12v Trigger XLR 1, XLR 1+2, RCA 1, RCA 1+2

Certification: THX Dominus (2), THX Ultra (1)

Dimensions HxWxD 23.6 x 16.1 x 19.7” – Weight: 106 lbs

Value Electronics is Perlisten’s Factory Direct Authorized Dealer

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R7t, R5c Center, R4 Bookshelf , D212s Sub