Samsung Premier 8K UST Laser Projector

 Samsung’s new 2023 Premier 8K UST

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Samsung’s 2023 Premier 8K UST gets 14-bit contrast SoC & peak luminance up to 4,000 nits

Samsung Smart TV Plus, the free on-demand service on Samsung’s Tizen OS w/over 1800 channels available on the Premier 8K UST.

In 2022, Samsung added the Gaming Hub with premium cloud-based gaming directly to your TV without the need for a console.  For 2023, Gaming Hub will connect to any connected console.  And it loves PlayStation or Xbox, and shows the devices to you as options within the Hub. There will also be support for 4K gaming from Nvidia GeForce Now.

With Relumino Mode, Samsung takes its mobile-based low-vision solution and applies it directly to your Samsung TV or the Premier 8K UST projector. It uses Samsung-developed artificial intelligence to dynamically outline the edges of on-screen elements and rebalance colors, which helps those with low vision to better see people, objects, and text.

Also returning to Samsung smart apps is its Art Store, now with a new user interface and a collection of 8K resolution NFTs, and its Chat Together feature which allows real-time communications while watching live TV, on the TV, Android, and iOS devices.

Premium 5.1 channel 100 watt audio system built-in, and if you pair any one of Samsung’s new 2023 Sound Bar Audio systems you can use all of the TV speakers with the optional sound bar audio system to add more Dolby Atmos/DTS:X audio channels to your very luxurious audio and video system.

Email us to be included in Samsung’s 1st Allocation/Shipment of 8K Premier UST Projectors