Q/C, Break-in and Professional Calibration


Q/C & top Pro calibration for 42″-65″ $650,  75″- 86″ $750, 97″-135″ $950. email or call 914-723-3344 us with questions.

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Our calibration service includes a full Q/C for stuck pixels, abnormal banding, tinting, screen uniformity & any defect with the TV. Then we do a proper break-in & top professional calibration. We calibrate all 4 HDMI inputs on all TV brands.

For all Sony’s OLED and LCD TVs we calibrate the Custom for Pro 1, and Custom for Pro 2 for SDR and Custom Pro 2 for HDR and Dolby Vision Dark, in all 4 HDMI inputs.  

LG’s OLED and LCD TVs gets calibrated in the ISF Expert Bright, and ISF Dark for SDR, Cinema HDR, and Cinema Dolby Vision.

*Tip for Gamers purchasing an LG TV, you can substitute any one of the included video modes listed above with your base calibration, e.g you might not care about the ISF Expert Bright picture mode and take the three Game mode calibrations for free or add the Game Mode for an additional $50. Game mode calibration actually include 3 Game modes for SDR, HDR & Dolby Vision HDR.

All the our VIP Calibration services are available for all LG, Sony, Samsung, Sharp, & Hisense TVs. Our Q/C, proper break-in process & top professional calibration takes about 10 days.

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QC & Pro Calibration

42" – 65" TVs Pro Calibration, 75" – 86" TVs Pro Calibration, 97" – 115" TVs Pro Calibration, Third Mode Calibrated