XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D Glasses – Sale $67.


Compatible with all JVC & Sony XW6000ES, XW70000ES, GT380

Our exclusive $67 launch promo discount includes double boxed shipping to your home –  Nationwide in the US.

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XPAND X105-RF-X1 3D Glasses $89, Sale $67.

On Display/Demo in 8 Sony, JVC & AWOL Theaters At Our New Huge Building Where We Built 14 Luxury Cinema Demo Rooms

  • 3D Lite RF active glasses, rechargeable battery (cable included) life more than 40 hours, foldable arms.

  • Shuttering frequency 96-240 Hz.


We Also Have XPANDVISION AE125-RF 3D RF Emitter

Power on/off light, green color represents the power LED. When lit power is ON.

Power Connector: 12VDC

Reverse Push-button: RF sync signal can be reversed with suppressed push-button.

Sync Connector: BNC synchronization signal connector input.

Sync LED: Yellow color. When OFF there is no sync signal present. When sync signal is present LED will be ON and it will blink according to sync signal frequency.

RF/Bluetooth Emitter, Mid-Range, VESA standard input, HFR Compliant 96Hz – 240Hz.